Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review - Crazy Wing, Russell St, CBD

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Talk about spontaneity and this lunchtime experience comes to mind.  Picture that it is almost time for lunch and an impromptu discussion over another blogger's recount of visiting Crazy Wing in the CBD is in motion.  Like an advertisement pitched at adventurous foodies the seed is sown and without any further deliberation the decision is made to head out to Russell St and seek out this establishment.  On this occasion I was accompanied by two very learned foodie colleagues - all three of us have a palette for the hot and the spicy and Crazy Wing seemed a likely opportunity to exercise our "chilli" appreciation.
A dimly lit place with young waiters in red polo shirts and a possible "chef" behind the counter preparing skewers of all sorts.  The order sheet awaits you at the table and you run through the lists of the menu items on offer.  Everything (besides the rice & noodles) comes on a skewer and is grilled on heat beads for that smoky taste.  Service was not exactly spectacular but this is passable as the expectation is not there on entry.
In honour of the namesake, we had to try the Crazy Wing.  This is a serve of two marinated wingettes on a stick, hot off the grill and ready to blow your head right off.  Seriously, it was like a firecracker had just exploded in your mouth.  One bite in and - Pow!!  We discovered the main ingredient in the dish - Habenero chilli puts the "Crazy" in the wing.  Now you know why there is a large jug of water on the table.
To add to the lunacy, the initial thought of Red Chilli Beef Fried Rice was definitely doable.  This was before we realised just how hot the wings were going to be.  Chilli Rice! and Chilli Wings! Water offering no rescue from the inferno. The best thing to order is Milk Tea - this will provide some healing and it comes served to you in a juice box with a straw. 

Almost reduced to tears (of foodie joy no doubt) and sweat starting to bead on my brow, I tried the Capsicum Skewers, and this had less of a chilli hit.  Many sips of Milk Tea later the mouth is resilient enough to try some more.  Bring on the Lamb Skewers - tender juicy lamb backstraps that melted in your mouth - this got voted the best dish by all.  It had just the right amount of spice and cooked perfectly.  Pork Skin on a stick was less of a hit as it was not crispy as expected but rather rubbery and lacking taste or texture.  And as hard as it may seem they even managed to skewer Enoki Mushrooms, slather them with more of the habenero spice mix and then grill - turned out to be a good combo.  Sweet Potato slivers came off the grill nicely caramelised and the sugary sweetness was welcomed by all.  Lastly but certainly not least was the Grilled Prawn, although we should have had these earlier as they had been resting for too long and had hardened slightly - still very tasty though.  

Definitely an event to undergo again and plans are already in place for our next visit with more heat seeking foodies.  The menu is quite extensive and does contain a variety of offal dishes.  While this is not my cup of "milk tea" I will be definitely trying the Honey Soy and BBQ dishes next time.  The rice servings are generous and plenty to share and the skewers vary in price starting from $1.40 each. Parting advice if you are visiting Crazy Wing - which I shall now refer to as "Torture by Skewer" - make sure you order the Milk Tea. Anyone wishing to earn their Hot and Spicy stripes should at least dine here once to see if you stack up.  If you are the type that cannot handle the heat - definitely stay out of this kitchen.
"Habenero Chillies are ranked as one of the hottest chilli in the world.  Chilli heat is measured in the Scoville scale.  Capsicums and Bell Peppers are rated 0 while Habeneros get a score of 100,000 - 350,000.  This indicates that the hot chemical stimulant that you taste would have to be diluted up to 350,000 times before the heat is untraceable.  Imagine the wonders that little box of Milk Tea does for you"


  1. Awesome, must try!!

  2. After taking a number to be seated other asian customers arrived and were seated first i was told they had a number but went on a walkabout. Service is non existent and we had to ask where our sides were eg rice. The staff are unfriendly and otherwisely occupied. When asking a passing waiter for a beer he showed me the palm and walked past.I do like the honey wings but sadly the service and staff left a bad taste in my mouth

  3. Hi Lego,

    Sorry you had a bad experience here. To tell you the truth I have been back a couple of times since and it was good except for the most recent when they were quite hopeless. Provided no service, brought my meat skewers out first but forgot to inform me that the rice was not even ready yet. In the end the skewers were cold and the rice was not the one that I ordered. All in all they had no clue that day. Very disappointing concidering I gave them such a good wrap.


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