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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Lunch

Ok I have to give some credit to my buddy MH from working at Telstra Dome days for this one.  Recently he was on a health kick and his lunches were simply Avocado, Fetta and Tuna - which he said he mashed and ate in the name of weight loss. I think it even worked for him. Then he went for a holiday in the US and put all the weight back on....Mmm Fried Chicken...
So I decided to adapt Marcus' ingredients and came up with a pretty tasty lunch time roll.
Take one split bread roll and generously lay sliced Avocado on the base. Then a good helping of canned Tuna - the plain kind in olive oil is best. Now top it off with some crumbled Fetta - or slices if you want it to look neat. A drizzle of good whole egg mayo, and to end, close the roll and eat away. 
I can't believe people actually pay for sandwiches when they are probably the easiest things anyone can make for lunch.
BTW Thanks MH

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