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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

De-constructed Chicken Avocado Wrap

I am not too fond of boring sandwiches and fancy filled wraps.  Sure they are convenient and healthy, but at best of times they just lack that certain something that gives me the foodie satisfaction I need from the food I eat.  The idea of de-constructing the dish into something different appeals to me and with sandwiches and wraps it has greater appeal as I like being able to control the amount of any particular ingredient.
Everyone must have had some form of chicken combined with avocado - admittedly they are a great duo on any plate - unless you have a dislike to chicken and/or avocado (in which case read another section of my blog). Having visited an avocado plantation in Queensland and eaten the ripe fruit from the tree, I have garnered a greater appreciation for them and when I find them in the markets I buy heaps and use them in regularly.
Now this is a fairly easy recipe and is hardly noteworthy, once tried you should just be able to whip this up in no time.  Think on the lines of Nachos - you know corn chips drizzled with salsa and melted cheese...yes your there! (Reminder to self - Post Chili Con Carne and Nachos recipe on blog soon)
Take your ordinary bread wrap - this can be the corn style, whole wheat, pita, Lebanese, mountain or even tortillas - depending on how much of the carb you want to eat chop the loaves roughly.  I used corn tortillas and in the way of nachos I cut them into triangles.  Pop these on a baking tray and bake for 5-8 minutes in a preheated 200 degree oven.  Check them regularly so that they do not burn and take them out when they are as crisp as you like it.
Now get your would be chicken filling - My suggestion is leftover chicken breast from the big rottisserie chook from yesterday - in my home the bony bits get precedence and the dryer white breast meat always remains untouched.  Slice the chicken up as you desire - thick or thin your choice.  If you prefer too warm the chicken do so now or if you are in a hurry - just leave it cold, it's just as good.
Get your lovely ripe avacado and cut into slices - the texture should be firm yet creamy and deliciously green. 
For the dressing combine a couple of tablespoons of good whole egg mayo and sour cream with a teaspoon or two of your favourite chili sauce and mix well.  Season with a squeeze of lemon juice to taste.
Now create your plate, bread chips first then the sliced chicken and avocado pieces and then drizzle the sauce generously all over.  If you wanted to you could dress the plate up even more with some salad greens  - rocket and watercress are my favourites.  (I also pinched a couple of slices of leftover garlic bread to add to the carb factor - this is optional)   You now have very delicious sandwich - deconstructed...or if you wanted to linger on the side of boring - just make a constructed 'proper' sandwich...but you are not boring...are you???    
"When you have had enough of beaches and sand in the Gold Coast - head on up to Tropical Fruit World for something fruity and different - definite foodie pleaser"

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