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Friday, July 13, 2012

Year Two - Italiano party catering

It’s been a while between blog posts, and this hasn’t been from a lack of any magic in the kitchen on my part.  A rather busy end of financial year run and climatic ends to projects that I have been managing at work during business hours has had me too exhausted to blog after hours.  I have been quite the neglecter and opted for sleep over script.  But the cooking has continued throughout and it’s time to kick this blog off for second year.  Yes it has been just over a year since I took the step from just conjuring concoctions in my kitchen, to publishing my words on food and the recipes that follow, to the internet…immortalised forever!!!
I kick started the cookery in July 2012 following up on a request from my best bud to cater for his birthday.  This was only to be a small gathering of under ten people, so nothing too major.  Being the health freak he is, I expected that he would chose a menu low in carbs, fat and all the other “no nos” frequently found in any dieter’s vocabularies.  Instead he threw me a curve ball and requested everyday Italian – Pasta Bolognese, Pizzas etc.etc.  I willingly obliged, no doubt.   As basic as the menu sounded, I was not going to make it any run-off-the-mill style experience.  Instead, what transpired was the most delicious Bolognese I can attest to creating and possibly eating, and a pizza dough that was beautifully crusty and the perfect base for some home-made goodness.  
Isn't that toaster a little too close too the!!!
And because he has a massive sweet tooth, I couldn’t go past a chocolate and ricotta filled calzone, that just capped off a day of indulgence.  So keeping in the tradition of worldly cuisine themed weekends, we viaggio di Italia – or at least to a couple of the foodie regions of the country.   
Happy Birthday Cracker!!!


CaliCrepes said...

The food looks great the Pasta Bolognese looks delicious!

Neva Modzelewski said...

The birthday cake is amazing! :) An event filled with Italian specialty is certainly something worth visiting! It’s going to be a food haven! And I can imagine the chocolate and ricotta-filled calzone you mentioned. How I wish I can visit a party exactly like that. :D

ngizee said...

Hello CaliCrepes, thanks for checking out the blog...bolognese was definitely a hit

ngizee said...

Hi Neva, Thanks for the comments. I had my doubts about Italian as Pizzas can always going wrong and bolognese can border on mediocre - but it was a smash and the best bolognese I ever had or even made.

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