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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Korean Style Fried Chicken...just add beer!

Now anyone who knows me well enough knows that "I love me some fried chicken". But not just any fried chicken will do, I'm afraid. Some time back I made the fortunate discovery of Gami Chicken & Beer - a little restaurant not far from the office that fast became "the place" to have our team gatherings. What could be better than Korean Fried Chicken and beer?  Gami was definitely an instant hit, and still is by many folk who have succumbed to deep fried goodness bathed in sweet chilli sauce. 
So it was high time to try and replicate Korean fried chicken at home, as I have done before with so many other dishes.  Surprisingly, my home-made rendition, more than suffices and could actually pass for the real thing - it's all in the sauce. This is definitely not the traditional Korean recipe and it's not to be confused with the colonel's concoction as it has nowhere near 11 herbs and spices - believe me it doesn't need it! 
Ingredients - serves 2
4 x Chicken thigh fillets, boneless, cut into 2 inch pieces
1 scant tsp x salt
1 scant tsp x chilli powder (use the Japenese kind if you can get it)
1 tsp x lemongrass powder (optional but so flavoursome)
1 tsp x sesame oil
2-3 tbsp x Korean flour (substitute for cornflour if unavailable)
Oil for deep frying
For the chilli sauce
3 tbsp x Kouchujang chilli paste (Korea's finest) - definitely a must have
1 tbsp x Sugar
1 clove x Garlic, crushed 
1 tsp x Sesame seeds
1 scant tsp x Sesame oil
Water, to dilute
Place the salt, chilli and lemongrass powders in a large mixing bowl
Add the chicken and sesame oil and mix to combine ingredients

Allow to marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours
Dust in the Korean flour and mix through ensuring the chicken pieces are well coated
Add a little more flour if necessary
Heat a wok with enough oil to deep fry

Fry the chicken in batches until the pieces are golden brown and crispy
To prepare the sauce thoroughly combine ingredients in a bowl 
If sauce is too thick, stir through a little water until a slightly runny texture is achieved
Drizzle the sauce generously over the fried chicken pieces and serve hot!
Did I mention fried chicken goes great with beer?
You can stop drooling now!


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